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Our Nepeta will be in TWO homestuck panels! Yay! Well, technically only one, the official Ask-A-Homestuck Panel. If you haven’t been to one, it’s a lot of fun! The audience asks the cosplayers questions and we answer in-character. Nepeta will also be in the unofficial, but equally as awesome Homestuck Monolouge panel. Our panel was declined because the staff was worried about favoring one fandom, but it will still go on! We will most likely have it at the park in front of the convention. We’re working really hard on our monologues, and since it’s unofficial we don’t have to have a time limit. We’ll also have skits between the characters, and music! The schedule for the con hasn’t been released so I don’t know what days or times the panels are on, but I will let you know when I find out. Please come see us at both of them! If you cannot attend, our Terezi will be recording both panels.

Since we don’t know the schedule yet, we don’t know exactly what we’re cosplaying or on which days. It might go something like this:

belledecam (our Nepeta):

Friday: either Jade Dog tier or Vriska (roboarm)

Saturday: Nepeta

Sunday: Vriska God tier

antiOppressant (Terezi cosplayer):

Friday: no cosplay

Saturday: Terezi

Sunday: Madotsuki (Yume Nikki)

Please feel free to come up to both of us and say hi! And pictures are welcome! Don’t be shy! I have had so many people contact me after a con saying they wanted to introduce themselves but were too shy to. We are very nice, please say hi!

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