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  • Thief: For my Vriska Hood (Thief), I used this tutorial to draft my patterns. Along the super curved edges like the place where the two tails meet, the collar, and the hood-curl you’re going to want to cut notches in the seam on the inside every inch. This way the curves won’t look funny. I made the hood tails a little past my knees.
  • Heir: I used the same tutorial as the thief except the back of the shoulder piece is different. Instead of forming thief tails, it’s just a long rectangle that drapes down the back and stops at the shoulder blades. For the hood, I drafted it perpendicular to the face opening instead of sloping downwards. I made it as long as my crown to ankles.
  • Witch: Here is a very simple, but quality Jade hood tutorial
  • Seer: Here is a great seer hood tutorial


  • I drafted all my patterns, but you could just buy a simple t-shirt pattern from simplicity. If you want to make a pattern, you could also cut up a t-shirt and use it. Remember that the back piece is going to be bigger than the front piece.
  • For the collar, I took an extra strip of fabric and sewed it to the front of the neck hole, then flipped it over and sewed it to the back alone the same seam. For the sleeved I flipped them over and sewed two parallel lines.
  • See this post about painting/stenciling/transferring the shirt symbols


They’re made like pajama Pants. I drafted 4 separate pattern pieces for my Vriska, and 2 pieces for John. I sewed elastic into them at the waist. If you can’t draft patterns, than I would just get a simple pajama pants pattern. For Vriska’s godtier pants, I’ve seen cosplayers wear these and they’re perfect

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