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Happy 4/13!

In the name of this glorious event, we present to you a sleepover with Nep and TZ

Happy 4/13!

In the name of this glorious event, we present to you a sleepover with Nep and TZ

Anonymous said:
could you do a bellydance video to the song "Pink Elephants on Parade" by Lee Press On and the Nails?

:33 < i’m sorry, but that song is not quite good fur bellydancing. thank you fur your interest in my dancing, though! 

Anonymous said:
You are beautiful and amazing! >:D

Thank you so so much!! >:]

TZ mod here; belledecam and I are working to revamp this askblog with all we’ve got, which is why it looks so strange at the moment.

We will return shortly to answer questions for Nep and TZ, so we hope you will come back and see us again when our blog is all polished and shiny!


Anonymous said:
Is there a possibility of more drivestuck videos in the future? The one you two did was REALLY funny to me and alot of my friends and they thought it was the best thing ever

Well I’ve been trying to get Dream Bubble Theater (the troupe I’m in) to do a massive drivestuck project, but no one seems to be very committed to it (and we live in all different places of the state) :C. I do have plans for more bellydancestuck, though. I also have a toooon of footage on my computer of random skits that I just haven’t finished editing. It’s very hard to finish projects when there are more than one person involved, especially if they all have to paint their bodies. 


Anonymous said:
You were the belly dance nepeta at kamicon last year! I wanted to get a picture with you but I kept losing you! Great costume though

I was :) And thank you! I’ll be at Kamicon again this year as normal Nepeta, Jade or Meulin, and Elsa from frozen. I’ll be in the ask-a-homestuck and monologue panel. Our Terezi may be there too, if I can convince her to go in cosplay.


Anonymous said:
can you please show me the new bellydancestuck character?

I’m not sure what you mean. I haven’t designed any new bellydancestuck characters. I have made a Bellydancestuck!Aradia cosplay, which I have plans for….

So, I saw your wig post today... a month after buying the exact Jade wig you said not to. It did tangle right off the bat, but do you have any tips on detangling/smoothing it out? Also, styling? I'm planning to use it for Jade and Aradia. Thanks!

Please look at my Wig styling post. It basically has everything you ever need on wig styling. There is a section on detangling at the bottom. 

Anonymous said:
How did you learn belly dance? :3

Check my FAQ at the bottom

Where To Buy Wigs For Every Single Homestuck Character

Wigs can make or break a cosplay. It’s very important to find the right wig for your character, and to take a lot of effort in styling it! I would encourage cosplayers to almost always get a wig, especially for the trolls!  Even black hair looks brown against grey makeup, and your pink scalp will be visible and stand out against grey. Wigs are easier to style, hold their shape, and look more cartoony than real hair. However, I personally think real hair can look much better for the kids (Especially the boys) since they’re supposed to have natural hair. 

-See my Wig Buying, Styling, and Care Master Guide for more wig sellers. I highly recommend consulting it after buying your wig for styling help. It is very important that you style each and every wig you get :)

-See my FAQ for much more help on greying up, specific characters, and just general homestuck cosplay help

-This is my favorite seller, and a lot of the wigs I’m going to recommend are from them. If anything says it’s out of stock, just wait a few weeks to a month and they will restock all of their wigs eventually. Again, see my Wig Buying, Styling and Care guide for more sellers.

-If any of the ebay wigs are sold, there is usually a list of items like the wig under it, and you can probably the same wig there. If not, check the seller to see if they relisted it under a different URL.

-Even if the wig looks exactly like your character, you will still need to style it. Wig bangs come purposely long so you can style them to your needs. 

-A lot of people will recommend this wig, or something else like it for Vriska, Jade, Aradia, Feferi, etc… DO NOT GET IT! Anyone who has gotten it, including me, will warn you: It tangles immediately and looses all of its curl after one use

-A lot of people get the same wigs for Jade, Aradia, Feferi, and Vriska, but their hairstyles are actually all different. Aradia’s is very curly, all the way to the top of the wig. Viska’s can be curly at the middle/bottom, or straight and teased depended on your headcanon. Feferi’s hair is curly, and is pulled back so you can see her hairline. Jade’s is straight and very teased. Now these are just from interpreting the sprites. I am in no way saying that Jade cosplayers with curly hair are wrong. I’m just stating my opinion of the sprites. 

Beta Kids: 

Read More

Super long Wig Buying and Styling Master Guide For All Your Cosplay Needs

Wigs can make or break a cosplay, seriously. If you’re going to invest in one expensive thing for a cosplay, let it be the wig.

Sure you can get a cheap wig from party city, but trust me, you’ll regret it. Cheap wigs are impossible to style, the skeleton shows through, and the hair falls out like crazy. When buying a wig look for a heat resistant, lace top, and skin-top wig.

I’ve had people ask me about using their own hair instead of a wig. I do not recommend this at all, even if your hair is just like the character’s. Anime characters are extremely stylized, and over the top. Natural hair typically does not stand out enough to look that great for cosplay. It’s also a pain to have to style your hair each time you want to cosplay, and making sure it’s the right length.

I advise getting a wig if your character has: 

  • Any unnatural colored hair. It’s a PAIN to dye your hair a super bright color and keep up with it long term, and it will usually not look as good as a wig.
  • Any spiked or weird crazy style. Natural hair is usually not full enough to make spikes work well.
  • Jet black hair. Even most people with “black hair” actually have dark brown hair. A black wig will usually look more rich

Real hair is usually better if your character has:

  • A natural color that is very close to your own hair including: blonde, brown, and red. If you’re dirty blond but your character is platinum blond, don’t sweat it unless you’re really concerned about accuracy
  • A length that can be easily maintained. I do NOT recommend cutting your hair in a weird way for a character unless you KNOW you want that cut every single day of your life for a while
  • All of things above plus a crazy part like a zig-zag part or pig tails. Zig Zag parts or ponytails/pig tails take a LOT of work and extra money to do to a wig. 
  • A good example: I have waist length long brown hair and am cosplaying Painwheel. She has a zig zag part and a bun with a big hair loopy in the back. My hair is long enough to form the loop, and all I have to do is buy a clip on bun and I’m set. If I wanted a wig like this, I would have to buy an EXPENSIVE full skin top wig. Using my real hair is the best choice in this case

Where to buy:

  • Cosplay Wig is my absolute favorite. I have been buying from them for 5 years and I always look here first.
  • Lucaille has an AMAZING selection. They have the biggest character-specific selection I have ever seen. They all look very accurate, and are extremely cheap. They also have some nice fashion/lolita cosplay wigs. 
  • Epic Cosplay Wigs has a very large selection, and they are recommended by lots of professionals. They are very soft and good quality, with minimum sheen. 
  • Insomnium wigs is great! (psst you can find many of their wigs for cheaper with a quick ebay search)
  • Amphigory has a large selection of wigs and extensions
  • The Five Wits has great character-specific wigs
  • Arda wigs is good overall, and they’re one of the few places that sells lace-front and pony tail/pig tail wigs
  • ebay user Agree518’s Fashion-Cosplay-Wigs shop has a humongous selection of wigs.
  • AnimeStuffStore on ebay has a great Cosplay wig section
  • Cosplay Wigs USA has some unique styles
  • Matchwigs are alright, but be warned: they all are VERY full and look a bit too poofy and unnatural. Good for super styled spikes. 
  • Cosplay.com Shopping I’ve heard mixed reviews about, though I’ve never bought wigs from them
  • I Kick Shins is great for extensions and styling supplies
  • Petting Zoo Wigs has extentions
  • Doctored Locks has extentions
  • Milanoo gets a lot of mixed reveiws since, unlike the other sites I have listed, their wigs come from many different sellers.
  • God Save The Queen does costume wig commissions

Here is my masterpost on what wigs to buy for every single Homestuck character


- Products:

  •  Do not use gel in wigs
  • A Styrofoam mannequin head is essential for wig styling. They are $5 at hobby lobby.
  • Hair wax to style bangs, spikes, and to tease hair.
  • Spiking glue to style spikes

Read More

Anonymous said:
hey there, i wanna make a nepeta coat following your pattern, about how much fabric should i need? thanks in advance uwu

I believe I wrote it in the post, but it’s 5 yards. 

Anonymous said:
How did you make the dolls in Nepeta's Tea party? They are great!

Actually, my friend Cate made most of them ^^ (all of the grubs) I made the pounce de leon, and Equius. And the rock!Aradia, of course,

Help me improve my FAQ

I know I made that huge, long FAQ… but does anyone actually read it? Is it too long? I still get asked questions from it T.T Please, let me know if I should shorten it or reorganize it.

I’ve also been working on a master wig styling and buying post, plus a post for at least 10 wigs options for every single homestuck character with hair. It takes FOREVER and I wanted to know if it’s worth finishing. Let me know if you really want me to finish it. 

Also, I just learned indesign and I’m thinking about making a pretty, graphic homestuck cosplay 101 thing with pictures because it’s just so hard to explain things in a plane text post. Would anyone be interested in that?